Wisconsin Writing and Istanbul Memoir


I was born and raised in Wisconsin, USA and in the spring of 1994 I wrote my first short story of prose. It was nine handwritten pages and it was exquisite. It was also unpublishable and juvenile. But it was. I knew ever afterward that I would be a writer; a teller of stories.Read more

Journalism and Post-Katrina New Orleans

Wanting to give back to my country, I moved to post-Katrina New Orleans in 2006 and worked with a relief agency. While in New Orleans I found that I could affect society the most by using my skills as a writer and becoming a multimedia journalist.

“Interesting Times” in Cairo, Egypt

I came to Cairo in 2012 to do a masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the American University in Cairo. I thought I would stay only a year. However, I love Egypt and it has become my new home. A Chinese blessing (or curse) says, “May you live in interesting times.” We in Cairo have definitely experienced interesting times after the revolution. From the backstreets and central avenues, talking to the poor, the wealthy and everyone in-between, I tell the story of cosmic streets and the bohemian underside.