Interviewing Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga, 2012

From Cairo, Egypt I produce:

  • Live hits, phoners, type syncs, short news or feature length TV and radio pieces.
  • Articles and imbedded videos for newspapers, magazines, blogs or other online publications.


I tell stories about culture, lifestyle, business, art, music, religion and politics. Please contact me for rates.



The Fisherman and the Sea in Alexandria, 2014


I write novel length fiction and nonfiction and bring my multimedia skills – audio and video production – to my books, making them digitally interactive ebooks:

  • Co-Wrote the published memoir Run Ruby Run with New Orleans shooting victim.
  • Completed a fictionalized memoir about Istanbul, Turkey – where I lived for 6 years before coming to Cairo.
  • Working on a non-fiction book about the Gülen Movement in Egypt.
  • Translating the Turkic Oral Epic poem Alpamish from Kazaki Turkish to English.
  • Produced short stories and academic research.


Teaching As a Blessed Profession…


Visiting the Pyramids with my University Students, 2015

I have worked in Istanbul, New Orleans and in Cairo as an instructor of Journalism, Rhetoric & Composition and ESL. I care for my students and work to:

  • Support students doing civic based citizen journalism in which they connect with locals on the ground and progressive institutions in Cairo.
  • Streamline classrooms into a 100% digital learning environment; putting all papers, lecture notes, classroom discussions and class reading online in student e-portfolios.
  • Bring “gaming” as an educational tool into the classroom.

Masters Thesis Work with Egyptian and Turkish Students, 2014

  • Produce a series of Pod-Casts for students on digital and academic success
  • Facilitate the growth of student based small group discussions on classroom presentations and essays
  • Attend (sometimes with my students) multiple academic and professional conferences and workshops to improve teaching, understanding and knowledge production in the classroom
  • Create prompts for student presentations and essays
  • Lead class trips to the Pyramids, the Nile River, Tahrir Square and other sites of journalistic and social import in Cairo
  • Organize and lead monthly “academic/art salons” and “newsroom student/reporter meetings” of former and present students to facilitate student growth during and after class


-My fluency in Arabic and Turkish contributes to direct connections with locals and better overall storytelling.


-Tape Syncs
-Remote Recordings
-Ambient Sound
Video Blogs (Vlogs)


Sound Studio: Professional Sound Production

-Audio Recording: Marantz 660, Olympus LS-10

Microphones: ElectroVoice RE 50 & Audio-Technica 897 Shotgun
Video Cameras: Sony Lens G Cyber-shot

Sound Production: Logic Express and Audacity

Video Production: Final Cut Express
-Able to transmit audio via FTP, Dropbox, or e-mail


I value connections with fellow journalists and novelists. I am a member of:

Association of Independents in Radio

Overseas Press Club of America

American Association of University Professors